Kidzplay promotes personalized professional events. Our challenge is to differentiate ourselves from a "carnival-like" stigma. Our coaches are hired to be a positive influence on the children at our events. Kidzplay coaches promise to be enthusiastic, energetic and to bring life to your event. Kidzplay ensures that our equipment is not only fun and safe, but also clean and regularly inspected for any needed repairs. Our commitment to you as Kidzplay Coaches is to give every event that special touch. We want kidz of all ages from 3 to 93 to have the time of their lives in an environment that is fun, safe and truly unique. We are dedicated to providing you, our customers, with the best in quality entertainment at an affordable price. Kidzplay events are truly unforgettable, no two parties are ever the same.
If you STILL love to watch cartoons, play kick the can and always wanted to learn magic, look no further! Channel your high energy and enthusiasm into fun, meaningful birthday parties at Kidzplay. We'll teach you everything you need to know to create the most powerful, lasting birthday memories for kids and their families ever. Smiling, fun and laughter experience a must! Top pay! Tips! Flexible schedules, evenings and weekends available immediately. "Oh...did I mention top pay and tips." Apply today and you'll have a BLAST! Stop in at 9300 County Rd Bldg C., Clarence Center, NY 14032, call 716-741-1500 or email your resume to

Qualifications: Entertaining, Friendly, Fun, Happy, Playful Personality. “No grinches allowed!”
As traditional play continues to emphasize the ability of one child to interact independently, inflatables create a stimulating environment for a number of participants to interact cooperatively among a variety of equipment. Working together among a assortment of equipment, participants are being given the opportunity to develop social skills, such as social interaction, imagination, and cognitive development relevant to discovery, problem solving, and reasoning.

Playing on inflatables provides physical activity in many different ways. Whether it is running, jumping, bouncing, hopping, sliding, or swinging, those playing on inflatables are such to experience quite an enjoyable workout! Even for younger children, bouncing on inflatables provides opportunities for especially young children to develop coordination, strength building, and balance.

Incorporating themes into the different inflatables invites participants, especially children, to role-play in different situations, stimulate imagination and foster creativity. Popular themes may include professions, sports, history, and fantasy, the list is truly endless.

Whether the chosen equipment is the Super Slide or the Adrenaline Rush, children are stimulated by the friendly competition surrounding any inflatable. This increased interaction between peers also increases the chance for discovery and exploration to occur, two very important components relevant to any play experience